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Welcome to Lakewood Group

We increase sales and engage target audiences.

Our customized presentations build impulse and interest, converting consumers into lifelong fans.


Who Are We?

Lakewood Group is a growing sales and marketing firm in Edina, MN focused on increasing sales through customized marketing campaigns. Lakewood Group will succeed where other marketing firms haven’t: in getting your target market to look up, take notice, and engage with your brand.


We increase sales and penetrate the market.

Lakewood Group will supplement the sales of your in-house team — and even exceed their productivity. We’re the ultimate relationship-building experts and the result is increased market penetration. Our direct approach is vastly superior to advertising. Sit back and watch as we obtain the customers you’ve been trying to reach for years.

Our results are effective and immediate.

Our team is trained and ready to go. When you partner with Lakewood Group there’s no waiting around for results. You’ll see a dramatic increase in sales revenue in record-breaking time. We even guarantee you optimal profitability — which is a statement that can only be made by a team that performs and delivers every time. We’re ready — are you?

We treat your customers like our own.

Lakewood Group’s account managers are second to none. Charismatic and genuinely caring, they will get to know your customers beyond the surface level. By uncovering their desires we’re able to offer solutions perfectly catered to their needs. There’s nothing like a positive and engaging experience to turn your customers into lifelong fans.

The world is changing and traditional advertising simply can’t keep up. When was the last time you watched a commercial and didn’t change the channel, hit fast-forward, or at least mute the sound? How about this: when was the last time you received a printed advertisement in the mail, didn’t mentally label it as ‘junk mail,’ and automatically throw it in the recycle bin? One more: when was the last time you were driving to work, passed a billboard, and then exited the highway to go purchase the product? It’s obvious: advertising just isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to start building real relationships.

Now Hiring!

Lakewood Group is a great place to work! If you’re looking for an enjoyable new career and you live near Edina, you should check us out. We are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Visit our careers page for more information.